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Victoria McArthur MATES in Construction NZ CEO

Victoria McArthur

CEO - MATES in Construction NZ

“I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to introduce MATES into our Construction Industry, here in New Zealand. Building strong communities within our industry is something I am passionate about, and I am also dedicated to promoting well-being and reducing the impact that suicide is having amongst our construction family. I am looking forward to working with all stakeholders to positively impact a reduction in suicide across the construction sector.”     

  027 218 5755      Victoria McArthur

Gloria Vetekina MATES Case Manager

Gloria Vetekina

Operations manager

“My decision to apply for a position with MATES in Construction NZ was because the ethos and vision of MATES in Construction aligned with everything I was looking for in a job. A program that had evidence to prove that what it does works, the MATES helping MATES moto which translates to industry and into the MATES workplace. The privilege to assist someone with life and finally I am passionate about supporting an industry that has played an integral part in my life.”

(Ngāpuhi, Te Whakatōhea, Ngāti Whakaue, Ngāi Tahu)

  027 313 6663       Gloria Vetekina


Berhampore Peleti MATES Field Officer

B (Berhampore) Peleti

Field Officer - CRL Relationship manager

“I love working for MATES because each day it gives me the opportunity to make positive change with our brothers in the Construction Industry.”

  027 778 8243  

 B Peleti

Richie Hepi MATES

Richie Hepi

Field Officer - CIP Relationship Manager

“I wanted to be part of the MATES team as it is the only organisation that targets a specific group. My passion is to help people who are struggling with Mental Health issues connecting them to the services that will get them the help they need. Overall, I want to be part of something that makes a difference in reducing suicide not only in our industry but throughout all our communities in Aotearoa.”

  027 778 8067  

 Richie Hepi

Slade McFarland MATES Field Officer

Slade McFarland

Field Officer - Kainga Ora Relationship Manager

“I joined MATES in Construction NZ as a Field Officer to help bring awareness to the issue of suicide within the NZ Construction Industry. I am looking forward to working with our partners to help raise that awareness.”

  027 778 8154

 Slade McFarland

Raman Lee MATES Field Officer

raman lee

Field Officer

“I Joined MATES in Construction as I am wanting to help improve our country’s dreadful suicide statistics working within an organisation making meaningful connection with many New Zealand construction sites and workplaces.”

  027 778 8206

 Raman Lee

Erin Witana MATES


Field officer

“Deciding to join the team at MATES in Construction was an easy decision. The passion to help support the Industry with work/life balance and sharing my own toolbox is a privilege. MATES in Construction offer a Whanau away from home. I’m very passionate and happy to be part of the MATES team, we are dedicated to connecting construction workers with community services, for a better quality of life.”

  027 778 8041

 Erin Witana

Roger Ko Case Manager

Roger Ko

Case Manager

“Suicide is a serious public health problem that can have lasting harmful impact on individuals, families and communities. MATES is all about providing assistance and tools for those in needs.

I am passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, and I picked up a counsellor qualification while on this journey. It is a rewarding career; I learn and grow from everyone that has connected with me. It is my pleasure to be part of this family and making a difference on multiple levels. I am looking forward to working with this industry and individual.”

  027 313 6675

 Roger Ko

Lance van Niekerk MATES Field Officer

Lance Van Niekerk

Field Officer

“I have always closely been involved in the business of helping others. After learning about MATES and the companies vision to improve mental wellness and reducing suicide in the construction industry, I knew this was a positive and meaningful career opportunity that would allow me to continue helping others. I am proud to be working for a company and team that is passionate and committed to helping people within the construction industry.

I look forward to building long-lasting relationships and creating a positive change to help those involved within the New Zealand construction industry.

  027 778 8043

 Lance van Niekerk

Karon Vea MATES Field Officer

Karon Vea

Field Officer

“Having experienced the effects suicide has had on those close to me as well as myself, I was always curious as to why this is happening, and how I can help prevent and raise awareness to this thing we call suicide.

After years of helping people with their health and fitness, I knew I needed to do more if I wanted to make a difference. Joining Mates in construction I am now able to do that for my brothers and sisters in the construction industry which I believe will have a knock-on effect to the rest of NZ.

  027 778 8194

 Karon Vea


Margaret Tolhopf MATES

margaret tolhopf

Team Administrator

“I am really enjoying working for MATES in Construction assisting Victoria and the team. This team are extremely passionate about mental health and delivering amazing support throughout the industry. I can see them making a real difference which is incredible and my small contribution makes me feel a part of it all.

  021 033 7273

 Margaret Tolhopf

Deborah Douglas MATES

deborah douglas

accounts administrator

“I enjoy working for MATES In Construction as even though I am working in the background, I still feel I am making a difference for the staff so they can deliver amazing support and awareness to the construction industry in mental health.”

  021 281 1589

James Lee Creative Assistant MATES in Construction

james lee

creative assistant

“I really enjoy working for MATES in Construction as even the small things that we do can affect the industry in a very positive way. Seeing the effect MATES has in the industry has motivated me to make the change in not only myself but the others around me. The team at MATES are extremely passionate about supporting the industry in improving the quality and perception of mental health, well-being, and providing suicide prevention in construction.”

  021 160 6535

 James Lee