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managing your emotional responses

The Covid Tracer App is here to protect us, and notify us if we have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

If you receive an alert, it’s important that you follow the advice within the alert. As we get use to these alerts coming through it can make us feel anxious, so the team has created some videos to help us recognise the emotions that could crop up and also how we can manage those emotions. 

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Managing emotional responses - shutdown



Managing emotional responses - stress & anxiety


Stress & Anxiety

mates invitations – knowing how to spot the invitations

What are Invitations?

When your mate is struggling he may find it difficult to tell you what is going on. If you notice things have changed for them, don’t ignore it. This is an “invitation” or they are telling you in the best way they can that they need some help. 

These are not one-off incidences, but rather happening more often than usual. Take 10 seconds of courage to step into their space for 10 seconds and ask, “hey mate, are you OK?” Then listen to what they have to say.

MATES - Invitations - Angry

Do you see your mate angry and agitated easily?

Suicide Prevention in Construction | MATES in Construction

Do you see your mate drinking a lot more than usual?

MATES - Invitations - Isolating

Do you see your mate isolating himself and not wanting to talk to people?

MATES - Invitations - Concentrating

Do you see your mate unable to concentrate and drift off?

MATES - Invitations - Late

Do you see your mate showing up late or even not making it to work at all?