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MATES in Construction NZ is an evidence-based workplace suicide prevention model, developed to reduce high suicide rates in the NZ Construction Industry.

We evaluate, test and research the work done ensuring shared learning efficiency. All programmes delivered by MATES in Construction are evaluated with feedback and analysis being incorporated into content as appropriate.

MICNZ Suicide Prevention Field Officer

Industry wellbeing environmental scan and survey

2021 – MATES in Construction,  Allen + Clarke
Overview: In late 2021, it became noticeable that workers were experiencing a significant increase in anxiety, fear, anger and frustration. There is a term that has been labelled “coronaphobia” which is fears relating to contracting the virus, we felt that this could be causing increased anxiety. We were also hearing about segregation and stigmatisation between our workers, (the vaxed versus the unvaxed) The stigma of COVID-19, in the present context, could be comprehended as a social process that sets to exclude those who are perceived to be a potential source of disease and may pose threat to the effective social living in the society.  MATES wanted to get a better understanding of how COVID-19 was impacting our workforce.

Construction industry suicides: numbers, characteristics, and rates

2021 – MATES in Construction, BRANZ, Otago University
Overview: The specific aims of this research were to re-examine the definition of the construction industry (and re-define if necessary), clarify the numbers of suicide in the New Zealand construction industry and calculate the industry specific suicide rate. Accurate suicide data for the industry is critical for monitoring suicide trends and providing a baseline for assessing the
effectiveness of suicide prevention initiatives. 

A longitudinal assessment of suicide prevention programme for construction workers

2021 – MATES in Construction, BRANZ, Victoria University
Overview:This study is the first phase of an ongoing MATES evaluation programme. It aims to; evaluate the efficacy and impact of the GAT on the attitudes towards suicide, help-offering, and help-seeking among New Zealand
construction workers, and produce evidence and baseline data to measure the impact and inform further development and refinement of the MATES programme in New Zealand.

BRANZ Report

The 2018 BRANZ Mental Health in the Construction Industry scoping study was commissioned to better understand the suicide risk for construction workers.

Read the BRANZ Report here >

Nga Rahui Hau Kura Suicide Mortality Review Committee 

Every week on average, 10 New Zealanders die by suicide. Many more are treated in hospital after a suicide attempt, having seriously harmed themselves. Sadly, we have some of the highest youth suicide rates in the OECD and suicide rate for Māori are over 50 percent higher than for non-Māori.

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