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Fly the Flag for Suicide Prevention
9-13 SEPT, 2024

Coinciding with IASP’s World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD), observed on September 10 every year, Fly the Flag provides the opportunity for the construction industry to celebrate our collective commitment and contribution to suicide prevention.

MATES take the opportunity to celebrate our invaluable Connectors and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Trained (ASIST) workers, supporting individuals experiencing distress. Our Connector and ASIST workers truly are beacons of hope on sites and in the community.

MATES cannot do this mahi alone. We are grateful for our committed Partners, Connector and ASIST volunteers and the workers we engage with daily on sites, in offices and at events who give MATES our why and our how

Why is it so important to be involved with Fly the Flag?

  • The construction industry has one of the highest rates of suicides compared to other industries in New Zealand.
  • The construction industry loses, on average, one person every five days to suicide. That’s around 80 lives OR 14% of New Zealand’s total number of suicides in 2023.
  • We are nine times more likely to lose somebody in our industry to suicide than we are to a workplace accident.
  • Of the 2100+ MATES Industry Wellbeing Survey (2023) partipants, one in four workers said that their mental health was a concern for them.

But there is HOPE. We applaud each and every person who has asked for help through our support line or through Connector and ASIST volunteers.

Our evaluation data shows that workers experience reduced stigma and increased helping intention behaviours post General Awareness Training:

  • 92% of workers believe you can prevent suicide by openly talking about it.
  • 96% of workers would be willing to talk to their workmate if they were struggling or thinking about suicide.
  • 94% of workers would know where to go for help if they were struggling or going through a tough time.

Flying the MATES Flag shows your support and raises awareness of suicide prevention in the industry. It is a display to the broader community that the construction industry is actively involved in the prevention of suicide.

During Fly the Flag, many of our Partners hold events – Toolbox Talks, BBQs, morning teas – bringing workers together as a reminder that We are Stronger Together. Please reach out to your local Field Officer or let us know [email protected] if you have an event in mind.

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