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Organisation working with construction industry to help navigate shift to Level 3

Apr 16, 2020 | MATES News

MATES during Level 3: MATES was working alongside the Construction Industry to help the workers shift from the Lockdown Level changes from 4 down to 3.

Amongst the many industries feeling the effects of a lockdown is the construction industry, with many tradies facing wage cuts and job losses as a result. 

One organisation, Mates in Construction, is working with those in need to help navigate what the lockdown and a shift to Alert Level 3 would mean for them and their jobs.

Mates in Construction was launched in New Zealand last October, aimed at helping to reduce the suicide rates in construction workers.

Slade McFarland says the organisation has created a virtual ‘smoko room’ in an effort to promote well being and encourage tradies to talk to each other.

He says since the lockdown, their ability to communicate with each other has been drastically reduced.

“At home your office room is only next door, where we are so used to travelling and meeting people face-to-face. All that contact has absolutely been obliterated.”

Many construction workers who have joined the conversation with Mates in Construction are facing a “real possibility” of losing their job if not their own business due to the pandemic.

Mr McFarland says his organisation is working hard to convey to tradies what the move to Alert Level 3 would mean for these workers.

Watch the video of Slade on TVNZ Breakfast for more information.

Source: This article courtesy of One News – first published here on Thursday April 16, 2020

Mates One News Video

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