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MATES Invitations – A Video Series

Feb 28, 2021 | MATES News

MATES Invitations – A short video series on what to spot

MATES would like to share with you, How to spot the invitations when a mate is doing it tough. We call these changes in behaviour “invitations” here at MATES, as on site we would generally back away from a warning sign, and we want you to take 10 seconds of courage to help your mate when he needs it. 

MATES - Invitations - Angry

Do you see your mate angry and agitated easily?

Suicide Prevention in Construction | MATES in Construction

Do you see your mate drinking a lot more than usual?

MATES - Invitations - Isolating

Do you see your mate isolating himself and not wanting to talk to people?

MATES - Invitations - Concentrating

Do you see your mate unable to concentrate and drift off?

MATES - Invitations - Late

Do you see your mate showing up late or even not making it to work at all?


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