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MATES Programme Recognised as Best Practice by WHO

Jun 22, 2021 | MATES Events, MATES News

MATES in Construction programme recoginsed as best practice by WHO

Great excitement at MATES in Construction NZ and MATES in Construction Australia when we heard that our programme has received international acclaim for its work in suicide prevention in the construction industry.

MATES has featured as an example of the world’s best practice in suicide prevention in a new World Health Organization (WHO) publication.  The WHO’s primary role is to advise and support Governments internationally to implement health strategies.  

The international acclaim comes in “Live Life, An Implementation Guide for Suicide Prevention”, a guide for policymakers around the world.

We are the only programme active in Aotearoa profiled in the guide, which is an incredible accolade.

You can see MATES on page 36 box 23,


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