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Have you checked in on your mates today?

Feb 28, 2022 | 2022

Have you checked in on your mate today? As Omicron cases rise and more of us are having to isolate, make sure your mates are doing okay.
• Keep in touch with friends and family over the phone or internet, but make sure you don’t go around to visit.
• You could offer to go and get food/kai and medicine. Find a safe drop-off point outside the house for them to leave supplies.
• There is a COVID-19 welfare support line (0800 512 337, 7 days a week) if anyone needs help with kai or other welfare support.
• The isolation period for COVID-19 is 10 days. You can go back to normal life on day 11.
Here are some things you could ask when you check in on a mate checkup
MATES check in on mate video


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