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MATES First Accredited Site, 10 Madden Street by Hawkins

Feb 12, 2021 | Accreditation

MATES in Construction New Zealand’s first site-based Accreditation 

We were up bright and early this morning to join the team from Premium Partner Hawkins as we presented our very first site-based Accreditation Award. 10 Madden Street was one of the very first sites to take up the MATES programme, so it was incredibly exciting to check in with the team, and also be joined by the client and MATES Partner, Precinct Properties as we all celebrated this great achievement.

Hawkins were extremely committed to gaining accreditation at Madden street which is when we see the programme at its most effective. They built the capacity of everyone on site through the MATES programme, putting their wellbeing as a top priority, which is a great legacy to leave on any construction project. Looking forward to more sites gaining accreditation this year.


The MATES team of Victoria, Kevin, Raman, Slade, Erin, Roger and Jaehwan were joined by Jason Carnie, Terry Buchan, Andrew Buckingham, Stuart Chapman, Allan Barclay, Craig Treloar, Karen Barrick, Wayne O’Brien and Vicki Lees.

madden st accreditation


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